JH Bailey John & Elizabeth at Sawmill, Baileytown 32 Qt Hampers drying Mauricetown House
J.H. Bailey as a young man
John & Elizabeth at their sawmill in Baileytown, NJ

32 Qt hampers drying in the sun - Baileytown or Mauricetown

Mauricetown Plant behind house (From a painting by John's daughter Verna Bailey Liggett)
JH Bailey's Letterhead
Millville Office bldg
Logs Bridgeton Boiler stacks Millville
John H. Bailey's Letterhead
Millville office building, shared with Bailey Blue Coal Co.
Logs waiting to become baskets, Bridgeton
Boiler stacks, Millville. They burned wood scraps, log ends, etc. to fire the boiler.
Drying shed
Hamper shed
Two of the drying sheds
Jack Bailey
2-Story Drying Shed
32 Qt Hampers Drying out
Two Drying Sheds
John H Bailey Jr (Jack) with Company pickup truck at Mauricetown homestead.
Truck and logs
Carl Bailey Jr & locomotive
Carl Bailey
Company Truck and Logs
Carl Bailey Jr. Tending locomotive boiler
Old 721 serving out her last days as the main boiler for the Bridgeton plant while the stack was being replaced.
Carl Bailey Sr. with Logs from Bear Swamp
George H. Blizzard
Florence & Peggy
Jersey Peaches
George H. Blizzard
Jersey Package Log Truck with JH Bailey's half brother Ralph on the left. Rosie driver (?) Note pre- JP logo
John's Daughter, Florence Mary Bailey-Knopf with Grandaughter, Margaret Ellen Knopf. Son-in-Law, Andrew Knopf at the machine. (Un-identified workman on right.)
Page 114 South Jersey Farming, by Cheryl L. Baisden, ISBN 978-0-7385-4497-7. Erroneously identifies Jersey Package Co. as a packing house.
Charles MaCalaster Barge
Log Wharf
Log Barge
Wharf 1930
Charles MaCalaster headed up the Maurice River with a load of logs for the Millville Plant (tug is ahead)
Bailey's Log Wharf, just north of the Millville Main Street Bridge (Foreground structure is part of the swing bridge support pilings.)
Log Barge being unloaded at Bailey's Log Wharf
Bailey Basket Wharf ca 1930
Millville from Tank
Millville from tank
Millville Aerial view
Employees 1935
Millville Plant taken from atop Gas Company tank in lower left of Aerial view.
Millville Plant taken from Gas Company tank
Aerial View, Millvile Plant

Jersey Package Employees July_11,1935 Paul,_John_&_Raymond_front row Jack_3rd from right behind Raymond

Zippo w/ basket
Zippo w/ crate
1944 pocket calendar
Zippo Lighter with Basket from the collection of John Bailey
Zippo Lighter with Crate from the collection of Lois Abbott
1944 Wartime pocket calendar from the collection of John Bailey
Vintage Jersey Package bent bottom Bushel Basket from the collection of John Bailey
Roadside basket
Sign C/U
Vintage Jersey Package 8-Qt Roadside Basket with board bottom from the collection of John Bailey
Jersey Package Sign recycled as a windbreaker on an old barn on Buckshutem Rd, Commercial Twp, NJ.
Old Sign windbreaker close up
Carl Bailey Sr. in the log yard
Raymond Bailey's Business Card
Raymond Bailey's Card GP


Raymond Bailey's Business Card Jersey Package Co.
Raymond Bailey's Business Card Georgia-Pacific
John's Bailey Fuel Co. headquarters outside the main entrance to the Millville JP plant. He delivered fuel oil to heat local homes and businesses. Note the large oil tanks behind the building
Carl Bailey Jr. (on the truck) measuring a log shipment arrival.
Shop Foreman and Frank Bailey
Shop Foreman, Al Stratton, with Raymond's late son Frank Bailey. Millville plant.
Workers unloading log truck. Note steam plume behind them, steaming the bark off of the logs.